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Midland Sports Auctions – Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale – General

Catalogue/Web Site – All description, whether printed or oral, are statements of opinion not fact. Intending Purchasers should satisfy themselves as to the condition, age and authenticity etc, of all pieces and lots.


The Auctioneer reserves the right to accept or refuse any bid (s), regulate the bidding and amounts of any bid(s), rearrange, consolidate or withdraw any lot(s) or part of any lot without reason or notice. In the event of a dispute the Auctioneer has absolute discretion to settle such dispute. English Law shall govern all transactions associated with this auction sale.

Conditions of Sale - Vendors

Indemnity – The Vendor indemnifies the Auctioneer together with his servants and agents who act solely as agent for the Vendor

Title – The Vendor warrants to the Auctioneer and the Purchaser that they are the absolute owner of any lot and they are authorised to sell the same and pass marketable title free of any encumbrance or claim.

Instructions – All lots are sold at the Auctioneers discretion unless written instructions to the contrary are received by the Auctioneer more than 24 hours prior to the Auction. Responsibility for receipt of such instructions rests with the Vendor.

Proceeds – The Vendor authorizes the Auctioneer to deduct all monies due to them from the auction proceeds. The Auctioneer shall not be liable for settlement of any lot(s) for which they are not in possession of cleared funds. Payment is made to the Vendor within 10 days of the Auctioneer being in possession of said cleared funds.

Conditions of Sale – Purchasers

Acknowledgement – In making a bid for any lot whether by live bidding or by commission bid, all persons acknowledge they have read, understand and abide by all these conditions of sale.

Title – Title of any lot(s) shall not pass until the Auctioneer is in possession of cleared funds in payment fort hat lot(s)

Payment and Clearance – All lots must be paid for in full within 7 days following the conclusion of the auction. No lot(s) may be removed until cleared funds are to hand except where agreed by the Auctioneer.

Purchase Price – The Buyer will pay to the Auctioneer the hammer price together with a Buyers Premium of 24%. ( Includes 5% surcharge to )


M S Auctions will arrange shipping for any purchasers, a charge of £2.50 will be added to the final fee for each package and postage/courier charges also added at cost.

With regards to framed and glazed items ideally these should be collected, delivery can be arranged depending on distance and where possible a price will be given upon request.

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